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Yoga for women in Oslo ✅ Pregnancy yoga / gravidyoga ✅ mother baby yoga (barselyoga, postnatal yoga) ✅ fertility yoga ✅ & yoga nidra ✅
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Sanga Yoga – a yoga sanctuary honoring all stages of womanhood. From big transitions and major phases such as pregnancy and birth, as well as smaller shifts and subtle changes. We offer yoga for pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, and fertility in Oslo.

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Group Yoga Classes for Women in Oslo

We offer weekly yoga classes tailored to women, including pregnancy yoga (gravidyoga), postnatal yoga (barselyoga), and fertility yoga. The classes are held in several yoga studios in Oslo.

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Individual Yoga Classes

We offer private yoga class packages for pregnancy, postpartum, fertility and motherhood, as well as personal Yoga Nidra sessions. Find out more below.



If you joined us for our Sanga yoga for Impact Christmas calendar in December, you have already met our newest pregnancy yoga teacher, Aparna Rajesh. Let us introduce her a little more in this article...

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We often joke about this, but it’s so true: everything we create here at Sanga Yoga is here because we needed it ourselves. The Mothers Flow is one of those courses that was born when we came ou...





Sanga Yoga is Oslo’s first yoga studio for women, and was founded by Theresa and Claudia: two Oslo-based mothers, yoga teachers, and community seekers. The idea for the Sanga was born out of our need for community and finding a more therapeutic, feminine approach to yoga for all different transitions in life. We decided to turn that need into beautiful classes, circles, and retreats that are all focused on nourishing body, mind, and soul.


We offer yoga classes and courses, as well as workshops and circles, at different locations in Oslo. Our yoga classes are focused on pregnancy & postpartum, motherhood and fertility. You can practice with us in a group class, and 1-on-1 through our individual yoga sessions.