Sanga Yoga | 1-on-1 Sessions
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Your personal journey matters. You matter. You deserve to feel good.


In these 1-on-1 programs, you get to go deep and create lasting change, all while being deeply nourished and supported by us. Imagine someone holding your hand, supporting you wherever you need it most, and challenging you to see beyond what is possible.


We combine the practice of yoga with powerful inquiry, breathwork and coaching, to support you on your personal journey.



  • are looking to radically improve your mental and physical health
  • are open to journey deep within to make lasting change happen
  • are ready to consciously invite in a baby or are on a fertility journey
  • are pregnant or postpartum
  • have experienced baby loss during pregnancy (miscarriage, stillbirth).

Full Package / 5999 NOK

30-min intake (over Zoom)
5 x 60-min sessions
5 x guided meditations or inquiry practices
Optional add-on: personalized Yoga Nidra for 400 NOK

Light package / 3499 NOK

30-minute intake (Zoom)
3 x 60-min live sessions
Optional add-on: personalized Yoga Nidra for 400 NOK

Quick support / 1799 NOK

For when you need support, quickly
2-hour session


Claudia Menger

Claudia Menger

Claudia, co-founder of Sanga Yoga, is a yoga teacher and coach, specializing in fertility, postpartum, and motherhood support. Combining the tools of yoga and beyond, she’s passionate about supporting women with (in)fertility, baby loss, and during postpartum and the first years of motherhood, and she’s obsessed with helping mothers establish sustainable self-nourishment practices.


Bringing many years of studying and teaching, Claudia combines science and feminine wisdom, and her teachings are infused with and inspired by her personal journey through infertility, birth trauma and baby loss. Read her full bio here.

Theresa Harmanen

Theresa Harmanen

Theresa is the co-founder and Sanga Yoga’s main Prenatal Yoga teacher. She’s is a certified yoga teacher in Samayoga, Embodied style Yin/Yang Yoga and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, and has immersed herself in the courses on trauma work and breathwork.


She is passionate about pregnancy, birth, and everything motherhood, and has a special interest in the effects of anxiety and stress through her own personal journey with it. Theresa’s teachings are infused with her own experience with using Hypnobirthing during the birth of her daughter. She also reads and studies about inherited and experienced trauma on the body and mind. Read her full bio here.



Are these online or physical sessions?

They can be both, but will always have an online component as the introduction session is online, as well as the recorded practices, and the check ins are via email. The full practices can take place through Zoom, or at a physical location (such as your home). For home visits we charge 300 NOK per session.


I’m currently close to my birth so won’t be able to finish the full package before I give birth. Is that a problem?

Not at all! You’ll get to finish your personal program after the birth. Please contact us before booking to let us know. Alternatively, you can purchase the single session to give you great support before birth. You can then later decide if you’d like to continue the journey after birth.


How long is the package valid for?

The package is valid for 3 months, but we highly recommend doing it in 1 month to stay engaged and set yourself up for more lasting change.