Sanga Yoga | Workshop Self-Care for women with Ayurveda
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Workshop Self-Care for women with Ayurveda

We are SO excited to be offering this special workshop for ALL women in collaboration with Merete Skjørten from OMAyurveda ♥︎.

As a woman today, we expect to have a satisfying full-time career and the perfect home life. We take care of others all the time, but often forget the important act of breathing into the oxygen masks ourselves.

In this workshop, we explore the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda, and learn practical tools and approaches to start taking care of ourselves today. We learn how to create a healthy flow and keep our balance through the important transitions and phases of life.


Ayurveda creates a beautiful link between ancient wisdom and modern science. Being a natural, holistic and organic practice is it closely linked to how we live our lives; we eat, sleep, nurture ourselves, interact with others with our surrounding and with nature.

Ayurveda teaches us that we are all capable of recognizing and making choices that can bring us more into balance, or further out of balance. Regaining and sustaining our unique and individual balance is the cornerstone for good health – physical, mental and spiritual.

As women we are considered more sensitive to the energies that surrounds us, and we are often more concerned about the health and wellbeing of others that our selves. This is part of the reason the nurturing and self-accepting aspect of Ayurveda can be a specially healing practice for us.


Merete has studied both western medicine and nutritional science before coming to Ayurveda. Her approach is one of bringing gaps; between the traditional wisdom and modern science, between mind and body, our inner nature and the «outer world» we relate to… She is a yoga teacher and a dedicated student of Vedanta, which also influences the way she works with her clients and practice Ayurveda.


♥︎ The basic principles of Ayurveda and your individual constitution
♥︎ Ayurveda for women, how to create a healthy flow and keep our balance through the important transitions and phases of life
♥︎ How to nourish and nurture ourselves, specially important for all aspects/phases of our lives that concerns fertility, pregnancy and post-natal.
♥︎ Practical and simple tips for a more Ayurvedic approach to life, including diet, self-care and daily routines.


Date: 27th of May
Time: 17.00 – 20.00 (including break)
Investment: 500 kr
Location: Sanga Yoga, Storgata 39.

The workshop will be held in English 🙂

Please bring a notebook and a pen to take notes. You’ll get free handouts to take home with you.

Fruit and tea will be provided.

Spots are limited. Sign up by sending an email to

Claudia & Theresa
Sanga Yoga