Sanga Yoga | Asana – Cat Cow (video)
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Asana – Cat Cow (video)

Cat Cow is so beautiful, so powerful and so easy, and we love including it in our home practice. It’s a beautiful way to start your yoga practice, as it wakes up the spine and opens the chest – allowing you to breath deeper and fill you body with lots of fresh oxygen. It’s also a great pose to practice at the end of the day, before going to bed, to soften the muscles in the back and chest after a long day at work.

In this video, we take you through the basics of Cat Cow and we include variations to the pose, as well as tips for pregnant women and people with sensitive or painful wrists and knees.

Why practice Cat Cow?

When you’re practicing Cat Cow, you actively work on warming and softening the spine.

As you’re stretching the lower part of the spine, the hips and the muscles of the back and the core, you’re warming up for the rest of your practice, you’re softening before ending your day, and you’re working on relieving pain in your back. This also makes it a great pose for menstrual pains.

At the same time, you’re opening your chest when you inhale, which gives you more space to breath and lets more oxygen enter the body.

On a mental level, Cat Cow has a beautiful calming and focusing effect. Because we synchronize breath and movement during this pose, we leave little space for distracting thoughts and we can be very focused and present.

Cat Cow is a very safe pose and is great for both beginners and more experienced yoga students. It’s also a beautiful pose for pregnant women and those of you who just had a baby.

Who can practice Cat Cow?

If you have neck problems, we recommend keeping the head in line with the torso instead of looking all the way up.

Do I need any props?

We recommend practicing Cat Cow on a yoga mat or carpet, but you don’t need anything else. The only exception is for people with painful knees: in that case, it’s great to have a blanket underneath your knees.

Duration of the practice

We love spending around 5 minutes on Cat Cow and it’s different variations, and ending with a minute or so in Child’s Pose. This way, you really give your body the time to warm up and soften, and you can truly benefit from the deep breathing and slow movements.