Sanga Yoga | Surprise! Pregnancy yoga in the studio!
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prenatal yoga oslo

Surprise! Pregnancy yoga in the studio!

We had this beautiful plan of having outdoor yoga classes this summer. We dreamed of lots of pregnant women and women with babies, on blankets in the grass. We would pick the spots under the trees, because hey, it would of course be way too hot to practice yoga in the sun.

Well… that sun didn’t really show itself much this summer. The grass was often wet and muddy, it rained more than it shined, and it felt more like fall than summer.

Every week, with heavy hearts, we had to cancel our outdoor classes. BUT, now we finally have some good new for you all again: Theresa will be teaching a surprise pregnancy yoga class in the studio on Storgata. This will also be the very last time we’ll be in that space, so make sure you sign up ♡.

Head over to the Facebook event for all details and how to join.

Love from the Sanga team ♡.