Sanga Yoga | PRANAYAMA – The Golden Thread Breath
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PRANAYAMA – The Golden Thread Breath

When we learned the Golden Thread breath from our dear teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, we immediately fell in love. Although often used by pregnant women before and during labour, we believe this pranayama, or breathing exercise, is a gift to all women as it’s so calming, grounding and empowering. ♡ Will you join us here for the Golden Thread Breath?

How to practice the Golden Thread Breath

To start your practice, find a comfortable seat and be sure to sit up tall, with a straight spine. Before we start with the actual practice of the Golden Thread Breath, we recommend closing your eyes and observing your natural breath for a moment to arrive at your practice.Grounding down through your sit bones and your legs.

  1. Take a jawn to release any tension in the jaw area.
  2. Slightly part the lips, so there’s a very small space between your lips.
  3. Breath in through your nose.
  4. Exhale through your slightly parted lips and let the breath be so
    fine and long, that you can picture a golden thread coming out
    of your mouth.
  5. Allow the breath to lengthen, and let the thread travel further
    and further.
  6. Continue as long as you want.

Why practice the Golden Thread Breath?

  • Softening before and during labour: Theresa always teaches this breathing exercise in herr prenatal yoga classes, as this is such a beautiful way to create softness in the body, helping the body relax both before and during labour. Many women have reported that this was the breath they used during most parts of their labour. It helped them soften and open, which is such a special and important part of labour.
  • A beautiful way to get grounded: We love using the Golden Thread Breath to ground ourselves in stressful times or when we’re nervous about an upcoming launch or event. By focusing on the breath and building the beautiful, golden thread coming out of our mouths, we immediately feel less attached to stressful thoughts and are actively letting go of stress and anxious feelings.
  • Pain management: The Golden Thread works very well when you’re in pain, both for sudden pains and more lingering pains.
  • Wind down before sleep: Because this breath is so calming, it’s a beautiful breath to practice before going to sleep to let go of the day and settle into sleep.

Who can practice the Golden Thread Breath?

Any woman can practice this breath, and it’s especially recommended for pregnant women.

Do I need props?

Nope :). Simply sit down on the floor, in your bed, on your yoga mat, a chair or stool, or a meditation pillow if you prefer using that. If you would like to use this breath before sleep, you only need your bed and your favorite Pjs 🙂

Duration of the practice

Even a few rounds of the Golden Thread can help you feel more grounded and calm. If you use this breath during labour, you can continue as long as feels good – hours even – to stay in this calm and soft space. ♡

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