Sanga Yoga | MEDITATION – A 10-minute meditation for during your menstruation
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MEDITATION – A 10-minute meditation for during your menstruation

We’ve created this meditation for you to practice during your menstruation, or your moon time. These special days of the month call for grounding and slowing down, and that’s exactly what this meditation does for you.

In this practice, we focus on conscious breathing, connecting with the womb and visualization, to help you ground yourself and create softness in the womb space.

Who can practice this meditation?

We’ve created this meditation especially for women during their menstruation, but it’s also a beautiful way to ground yourself during the time of the new moon, making this meditation great for women who aren’t cycling (anymore), too.

If you’re interested in combing this meditation with an asana (yoga movement) practice, check out this special yoga practice for your moon time.

Your 10-minute menstruation meditation

Have a beautiful practice,