Sanga Yoga | Meet our new teacher, Christina, and our new 45+ yoga course!
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Meet our new teacher, Christina, and our new 45+ yoga course!

Christina Danielsen is not only a dear friend of ours, she’s also an ah-mah-zing yoga teacher. She’s been teaching yoga and mindfulness for over 12 years, including private, corporate and studio classes, and although she’s approaching the age of 60, she’s the most radiant, energetic and peaceful woman ever.

We’re so grateful she’ll start teaching at Sanga Yoga this week, in a very special course for women over 45 years old. Today, we’re asking her about her experience and the upcoming course. Read on!

We’re so happy you’re here and that you’ll start teaching at Sanga Yoga. Can you tell us a bit more about your background and experience as a yoga teacher?
“Twelve years of full-time yoga teaching , including meditation and conscious breathwork, helped me to evolve a personal approach I named Awareness Yoga.

The power of being aware, of being present, frees you from a lot of turmoil. It offers you access to the dimension in yourself where wisdom arises. I teach my yoga method successfully at companies, yoga studios, workshops, and retreats, and I do a lot of private tutoring and coaching. Please feel free to check out my website for more information.”

Tell us, what is this course all about? 
“This particular course is all about physical and mental tools to approach growing older and going through menopause in the most graceful and positive way. For example, specific postures can help control unpleasant symptoms and relax the nervous system. I know firsthand how yoga can help temper not just menopausal complaints, but also the general fears and anxieties around aging. A regular yoga practice can make a world of difference in a woman’s experience.”

Can you share a couple of topics or themes we cover in this course?
“We’ll cover lots of different things: from cultivating inner wisdom and re-finding joy, to poses and breathing for a healthy metabolism and regulating hormones – this is a very complete yoga course.

I’m new to yoga, can I join?
“Yes! This course is very accessible and it’s actually a beautiful course to start your yoga practice, as we cover so many different aspects of yoga.”

I read this course is also about menopause. Can I join if I haven’t entered menopause yet or if menopause is already behind me?
“Totally! We will talk about hormones and menopause in this course, but the course has so much more to it, that I highly recommend joining. I will talk about the different stages in menopause, that hormones are very powerful and how they affect just about every tissue of the body – also before and after menopause. I will show you that yoga can be a potent tool for easing the suffering that accompanies hormonal shifts.”

Can I join the course if I have pains or injuries?
“Definitely. I’ve worked with lots of people with pains, aches and injuries, and I will always help you adjust poses or find alternatives that suit your body best. Please do let me know in advance if there are any pain or injuries I need to be aware of.”

Help! What to wear?
“Comfy clothes is all you need. You can wear workout clothes, or simply your homewear if you prefer that. Make sure you can move easily in your clothes. A warm jumper is good for the last part of the class.”

Do i need to bring anything to class?
“No, you’re all set. We have all the materials (yoga mats and all sorts of props), as well as water and tea.”

Oh no, I’ll be away one of the weeks, can I still join the course?
“No problem at all, you can retake a class in the next course round, or you can gift the class to a friend.”

I’m in! How do I sign up?
“Please head over to our booking page here and secure your spot on the mat. We can’t wait to meet you!”

Additional information

This 9-week course starts on Tuesday the 8th of October, and takes place every Tuesday at 18:00. You can find detailed information on our Facebook page. If you’d like to book your spot, please head over to our booking page.

Do you want to learn more about Christina? Head over to Awareness Yoga.

For questions, please email us at