Sanga Yoga | Sanga Yoga goes online
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Sanga Yoga goes online

Today, we’re coming to you with an important update about our Sanga Yoga classes: we’re taking Sanga Yoga online. In this update, we – Theresa and Claudia, founders of Sanga Yoga – will explain everything about our responsibility towards the community and the world, the near future of our yoga classes and the things we do in our families to stay grounded and connected.

Taking an important, proactive step – Sanga Yoga goes online

Suddenly, it was clear to us. It wasn’t because the media told us, or the authorities, or anyone else. As we were both working from our own homes to protect ourselves and the people around us, we decided that we needed to take this step because we have a responsibility. We want you all to practice yoga, especially now, but we don’t want you to take public transport to class, we don’t want you to feel forced to come to class because you already paid, we don’t want you to push your worries aside so you can do yoga. We’re here to offer you yoga, in the safest way possible

As of today, all Sanga Yoga classes will take place online, through Zoom, at least until Easter. This means that everyone who’s signed up for a course, will practice with us online: the same class, the same beautiful community of Sanga Yogis, but from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Yoga to help ground and calm the nervous system

In uncertain times like these, we need the tools of yoga more than ever. Yoga not only helps us stay grounded, but it also improves our immune system and helps bring stress levels down.

In every practice we will be sharing with you, we’ll combine the topics we always address in our classes, with an extra focus on grounding ourselves in anxious times so we can, together, help calm our nervous system. 

We’ll expand that way of practicing to our online community and will be offering free classes over Zoom and on Facebook that are open for all. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and announcements.

What we do to stay grounded 

As we’re currently both home with our young children, we’re trying to navigate this phase. We are very committed to staying grounded and in the present moment, and our children encourage us to do that even more. As we now all work from home, we are setting clear schedules with our partners so we can approach this situation from a perspective of calm instead of stress. 

We’ll roll out our yoga mats every day and let the kids join our practice. We’ll avoid busy indoor places, but take our kids to the forest to play and get fresh air. We’ll bake and have a dance party on the balcony. We read all the books, over and over again, and yes, we’ll probably watch a tiny bit (or a lot) of Peppa Pig too. As we’re in this situation, we’re committed to turning it into a time of connection. Are you joining us? 

Let us all take a deep breath together and set the intention to keep practicing yoga, together. 

Love from Theresa and Claudia.