Sanga Yoga | Live online Easter classes and a few words of nurture ♡
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Live online Easter classes and a few words of nurture ♡


We hope you are doing well out there. ♡ We are sending out this extra newsletter to share our live online Easter schedule with you, as well as a few words on nurturing you and your loved ones during these special times (further down).

For this coming Easter week, we have set up a few LIVE online classes. Please check the schedule below to pick the class(es) you’d like to join. We have mother/partner-baby-yoga, PartnerYoga for pregnancy, and yoga nidra (yogic ‘sleep’, a form of guided deep relaxation). Join us! 


Click on the links above for more info in the Facebook event. For booking, click on “Tickets available” in the event. 

For the donation-based classes – please donate directly to our Startskudd campaign. We also kindly ask of you to please share the campaign with friends and family. ♡ By donating to this campaign, you will be supporting our project of building an online yoga platform focused on therapeutic yoga for women, children, and families all over the world.  

Nurturing you and those around you ♡

In the uncertain times that we are in, it is extra important to nurture yourself and your relationships, and to stay connected to the breath and the signals from your body. Take time every day to connect to your breath – place your hands on your heart, listen to the beautiful sound of your own breath, feel the colder air as you inhale, and how it is warmer on the exhale. Take a few rounds of conscious breaths with your eyes closed, by yourself or together with loved ones. If you can, spend lots of time in nature, ground yourself by touching the earth and the water, feeling the sun and wind on your face, smelling the air and blossoming flowers, and listening to the birds and the wind.

Remember to reach out to people around you whenever you need support. Also remember to reach out to the ones who live alone or are struggling a little extra right now. ♡ Be extra mindful and patient with small children who are sensitive to all the subtle signals and energies circulating right now. Hold space for their big emotions, hold them close, cuddle them often, and reassure them that they are safe. ♡ A lovely practice to do together is to have daily dance parties with your children and loved ones, dancing and shaking any tension out! (Smiles guaranteed!)

Another beautiful practice is to begin and end the day in gratitude, listing a few things that you are extra grateful for. Giving yourself words of encouragement and kindness, reminding yourself how great you are doing in the midst of it all. ♡  

Stay well out there, big love from us to you!

Claudia & Theresa