Sanga Yoga | We’re on The Phoenix Project podcast!
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phoenix project podcast sanga yoga

We’re on The Phoenix Project podcast!

When Tiffany Hildre shared the idea of The Phoenix Project with us, we fell in love right away, and when she invited us to be on the very first episode of her new podcast, we said YES! Read more about The Phoenix Project and listen to the podcast here.

Tiffany is currently building The Phoenix Project: a membership-based community for mums who feel the need for a change of pace, whether that be in their everyday lifestyle or career, because what they do and how they live doesn’t fit with the person they’ve transformed into since becoming mum. Through the platform, Tiffany will offer courses, webinars with experts, and virtual sessions with fellow mamas. We LOVE this. This is so incredibly important and we feel very connected to her ideas since we are part of this group of mothers that felt a massive need for change ourselves after having our babies.

Part of the project is The Phoenix Project Podcast and we are on the very first episode to talk about our journeys, building Sanga Yoga, ups and downs, what our yoga looks like, and the future. We also have a giveaway at the end of the interview, so be sure to listen to the end.

How to listen?

Go find the podcast on Spotify through this link! We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about us and our journey.

Thank you, Tiffany, for having us and for giving us the opportunity to share our journey.