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theresa claudia sanga yoga


A response from Sanga Yoga in the wake of recent events 

Dear Sanga Yoga community,

We are deeply grateful for what we have learned from the Black community, for what all of you have been sharing and for holding space even when you shouldn’t have to. 

The work is ours to do. Feelings of shame, overwhelm, and guilt have come up, and it’s on us to process and turn realizations into action. We know we’re still scratching the surface, but we’re determined and committed to work alongside our BIPOC sisters and brothers to create long-lasting change.

With this post, we would like the Sanga Yoga community to know that we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. We’d like to give you an update on what we have started, what we’ll continue, and what we’ll be adding to fully commit to the work of anti-racism. We share how we will rise up in our work in the yoga community and when holding space for women, children, and parents. We are sharing in the hopes of inspiring others with resources, and to communicate the responsibility we feel as health and wellness providers. 

Photo by Black Lives Matter At School


Continuously educating ourselves

We are reading books, watching movies, attending webinars, listening to BIPOC voices on social media and other channels, and listening to podcasts. We’ll soon share more blog posts with resources for parents, maternal health, feminism, and beyond, on the blog.

Making conscious and diverse collaboration decisions 

Actively seek out, collaborate with, and hire teachers, mentors, and other professionals from the BIPOC community. We also aim to support BIPOC-run charities, projects, and initiatives through donations and collaborations, and inspire others to do the same.

Inspiring kids through action

Through working with kids yoga teachers from different backgrounds and hosting yoga events that span the globe, we hope to inspire connection and unity beyond skin color.

Using our online platforms to inspire and spread awareness

We’ll be using our online platforms to give space to BIPOC voices and resources, especially related to maternal health, yoga, and children & families.

We’ve committed to keep doing the work. We hope you’ll join us on this journey. 


Theresa & Claudia