Sanga Yoga | New at Lille Lab: prenatal yoga (gravidyoga!)
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gravidyoga oslo sanga yoga

New at Lille Lab: prenatal yoga (gravidyoga!)

Earlier this year we started sharing our yoga classes at Lille Lab, our favorite play and learn center for little ones, located in Hasle, Oslo. We kicked off with kids yoga and postnatal yoga, and have now proudly added prenatal yoga to the schedule. Come join us for gravidyoga in Oslo!

Pregnancy yoga was highly requested at Lille Lab as many women came here with their other kids and saw our yoga offering. Since we love supporting mamas in different phases of life, we were so happy to offer pregnancy yoga at Lille Lab when Maja and Jonas, the owners, asked us.

The first course is now running, every Monday evening at 7 PM, and is fully booked, BUT the next round starts in only a few weeks and we have space for you.

What is pregnancy yoga (gravidyoga in Norwegian) all about?

Our prenatal yoga classes are all about moving your body in a safe and gentle way, bonding with your baby and finding quiet moments on that exciting road towards giving birth. We practice yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation, and every class is focused around a specific theme.

There’s room for sharing and community, as you’d expect from us, and our teacher Anette is here to support you with whatever it is that you bring to class.

I’d like to join, where do I sign up?

The next prenatal yoga course starts on October 5th and run over 6 weeks. Classes are 60-minutes long and start at 19.00.

You can sign up here.

See you soon at Lille Lab!