Sanga Yoga | Get through lockdown no.2 with Sanga Yoga
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Get through lockdown no.2 with Sanga Yoga

Oslo is back in lockdown, just like many other cities and countries. We’re here today to share with you how we’ll support you during this intense time.

Being in lockdown is hard, and we’d like to start by saying that we see you. We see how difficult it is to be in a social lockdown, especially when you’re pregnant or postpartum. We see you, and give you the biggest virtual hug. In this article, created by our wingwoman Evži, we share the steps we took after the lockdown announcement, the importance of yoga during this lockdown period, and free offerings that we’re running until the holidays.

Why is yoga during lockdown so important?

Theresa explains: “In uncertain times like these, we need the tools of yoga more than ever. Our individual as well as collective nervous system is heightened. Yoga not only helps us stay grounded, but it also improves our immune system and helps bring stress levels down.”

The scheduled prenatal and postnatal studio yoga classes at Leela Yoga and Lille Lab will run online, through Zoom. Theresa adds: “In every practice we will be sharing with you, we’ll combine the topics we always address, (such as softening the muscles that work so hard, coming home in your body, connecting with your child if you’re a parent (to be), resting and creating energy, and more) – with an extra focus on grounding ourselves in anxious times so we can, together, help calm our nervous system. We will also provide extra space for sharing when needed, and as always, we welcome any suggestions that you might have on practices that you want to focus on.”

Why did you decide to continue the practices online?

“We strongly believe that the practice if yoga is incredibly important right now, so we decided to continue the studio classes online”, explains Claudia. “We offer the same type of nourishing practice to support you, your body, and your mental health through the practice of yoga, meditation, and the breath. These practices are incredibly beneficial on the road towards pregnancy, birth and motherhood, during postpartum and beyond, and are so needed – especially during these times of uncertainty and change.” 

What can we do now to support ourselves?

First of all, Sanga Yoga has created a free Yoga Nidra practice for you to support you. You can access it by singing up for our newsletter here. They’ve also opened up for single session booking for the current prenatal and postnatal classes. You’ll find these on the schedule.

“We’ve also decided to bring the weekly online Yoga Nidra session back. We ran those during the first lockdown and they were so loved by many”, shares Claudia. “All our current students have free access, and we kept the price low for others to join too.” You can sign up for the Nidra on the schedule.