Sanga Yoga | Help us raise money through yoga this month
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Help us raise money through yoga this month

Have you joined our Christmas Calendar to raise money and awareness for IMPACT’s Mothers Clubs in Cambodia yet? If not, please head over to our Sanga yoga for IMPACT Christmas Calendar Facebook group, and join!

Becoming a part of the group is free, and all practices we offer (at least 1 every day for the first 24 days of December) are donation-based. There will be yoga practices for everyone, as well as webinars on ayurveda, hypnobirthing, and exercise postpartum.

Why are we doing this?

We met IMPACT through Kristin who teaches postnatal yoga and family yoga for us at Sanga Yoga. She’s worked with IMPACT for a long time, and we love their focus on preventative action and their empowering work for women and mothers.

The Mother’s Clubs in Cambodia is a brilliant idea that’s close to our hearts and our mission at Sanga Yoga. They are part of the Lake Clinic, a project dedicated to bringing basic healthcare, as well as disease surveillance and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and underserved region of Cambodia – the Tonle Sap. Their team of midwives have created the in-home Mother’s Clubs in the villages, providing one on one counseling on issues surrounding antenatal care, sanitation and hygiene, birth spacing and contraception, and much more. Their goal is to decrease maternal, child, and infant mortality rates across the lake.

We’re doing this not only to support IMPACT, but also to support women and families around the world in the days leading up to Christmas. The year of 2020 has been extreme, on many different levels, and we believe we really need a good closing of this year to open up for the opportunities that 2021 will bring. With many countries currently in lockdown, there’s a beautiful opportunity to offer meaningful practices online, and December is a great time of year to release and get grounded.

Missed a class?

Don’t worry at all. All classes are available until the end of this month, so you can practice them over and over again :). Please invite your friends and family to join too. There’s really something for everyone there.