Sanga Yoga | The Magic of the Mothers Flow
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The Magic of the Mothers Flow

We often joke about this, but it’s so true: everything we create here at Sanga Yoga is here because we needed it ourselves. The Mothers Flow is one of those courses that was born when we came out of the depths of postpartum, into a new stage of motherhood. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Mothers Flow.

It was sometime between the first 1.5 and 2 years of motherhood, when I, Claudia, realized I had entered a different stage of postpartum. We got to sleep at night again, my body had recovered from birth, the end of our nursing journey marked a change in hormones, and I felt I wanted to flow a little more. I went back to more regular flow yoga classes, which felt great physically, but I missed the community of the mothers I practiced with before.

That’s how The Mothers Flow was born: A class for mothers in all stages of motherhood that provides a safe, loving community combined with a gentle flowing class that focuses strongly on the womb space and pelvis – based on the principles of Feminine Flow Yoga. There’s space for motherhood overwhelm and tiredness, and it provides you with an evening of self-care that is so much better than Netflix or scrolling on Insta.

The MOthers Flow feminine yoga oslo

Normally, the Mothers Flow takes place at Leela Yoga and Lille Lab, but in lockdown times we’re online. The next Mothers Flow takes place on the 8th of March and you can book your spot here. In the upcoming session, we’ll dive into what is currently blocking our energies and we focus consciously on creating space through movement, breath and Nidra.

See you next week!