Sanga Yoga | Meet Mette, our new teacher!
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Mette Harr Støre

Meet Mette, our new teacher!

When we started growing our number of classes this fall, it was about time to get new teachers on board. We’d been following Mette for some time and her values seemed so aligned with ours. After just one Zoom conversation we knew it: Mette would be the new addition to the team. Learn all about her here.

Hi Mette, we’re so stoked you’ve joined the Sanga family! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“First of all, I would like to bring out my gratitude heart for the possibility to start teaching for Sanga Yoga. I’m so happy to be part of the team and I’m feeling blessed to be in service for the mamas. 

Almost 3 years ago I decided to quit my full time job at the Norwegian Police Directorate after 7 years of working with Human Resources. After years of deepening into the meaning of life, I was ready for a turning point in life. I had been initiated into motherhood in 2015 and 2019, blessed with two boys, but left with two c- sections that needed true healing and a lot of attention.

These experiences led me into a deeper understanding of seeing birth as a life-changing transformation (also birthing mothers not only babies) and into the interest of natural ways to support women in pregnancy and postpartum. I’m soon turning 33 years and I’m living with my family in Holmen/Oslo. I’m married with my beloved Magnus, and we have dedicated our lives to growth and to be each others sacred mirrors.”

We’d also love to learn more about your yoga journey and teacher/space holder experience 🙂

“Up until 2018 when I met my first yoga teacher Sky Akasha, I had been trying out different types of yoga in Oslo and at the same time been immersing myself into devotional singing and ceremonies with a group of people I would count as essential for my spiritual awakening at that time in life. The call for yoga was a heart call. From the first time I saw a video with Sky I asked myself every day for half a year what to do and I always got the same answer: Sama Yoga Teacher Training is your next step.

Sama Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga with gentle QiGong Flows combined with Vedanta (the knowledge of the Self), the teachings of the elements and Puja. When I got pregnant for the second time as I did my teacher training this deepening was very much focused on adapting to a pregnant body and hence my wish to deepen even more into pregnancy yoga and the feminine rhythms. I was led to study with Sharada Devi, first to study Vedanta, Mantras, Chanting and also to join her sacred global movement becoming a Be Woman Project facilitator to hold women’s circles.

The last two years I’ve been facilitating women’s circles in Oslo, both in the forest, in my little Shala and online. Together with my husband, we have years of experience with facilitating meditative song circles with mantras and heart songs from varied traditions. Finally this year the time had come for me to take the pre- and postnatal spiritual yoga teacher training with another teacher I met in Bali, Jo Shakti from Return to the Self. This education I finished this summer, so Im pretty new in teaching the pre- and postnatal classes, but my passion and my own experiences has already been there for many years.”

What are important aspects for you when you teach pregnancy yoga and postpartum yoga?

“To create a safe container for mothers to come just as they are. To create a cozy and welcoming space to encourage the oxytocin bubble. As a teacher, to be open and flexible for whatever is present during classes. I always have an idea of what the class will consist and look like, but the most important is to flow with the current needs for the mamas and the babies, and to adapt along the way.

I focus on giving clear and precise instructions, with an attitude that this is what I’ve learned, studied and experienced in my body, but in the end, what inspires me most is to see the mamas being fully present in their bodies starting to listen to their own needs and coming into deeper relationships with themselves through our practice.” 

What does your own practice often look like?

“My practice is very unstructured and often closely related to where I am in my menstrual cycle. I typically do more of a physical practice when in my inner summer phase (around ovulation), and a softer practice when in my inner winter (around bleeding). In general, my body really needed a slow, intuitive and gentle practice after giving birth the second time in 2019.

I have experienced a lot of pain in parts of my pelvis I did not even new existed, so it has been a practice of patience and letting go, learning to listen even deeper to my body. My number 1 practice is actually Savasana for 11 minutes (almost every day). Total rest. In my nest. My main mantra in these past years has been that some practice every day is better that 2 h once a week, so that the yoga suddenly becomes an integrated part of life. A grounding practice with legs upon wall and some twisting before going to bed is also a winner for me. Self-care practices, such as belly massage, epsom salt baths and abhyanga (full body oil massage) are also essentials in my life.”

What do you do when you’re not teaching or practicing? 🙂

“Most of the time mothering and spending time with family and friends. Traveling to the mountains or to the ocean preferably. I’m also working as a personal assistant for a boy with special needs, we are doing it as a family. I am always reading several books at a time, and studying or deepening into something (right now Human Design and being a Projector) and right now I am knitting a kimono.”

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