Sanga Yoga | Meet our teacher Laura!
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Laura yoga prenatal gravidyoga oslo

Meet our teacher Laura!

Many of you have already met Laura in our pregnancy, postpartum and mothers flow classes, and it was about time we would present her here on the Sanga Yoga blog. Read on to get to know her and her yoga journey.

Hi Laura, please introduce yourself to the Sanga blog readers! 🙂

I’m originally from the UK and now live in Oslo with my partner and 2 little girls.

We’d also love to learn more about your yoga journey and teacher/space holder experience.  

I tried yoga through my years at college but it never really stuck. I just enjoyed doing it, but that all changed for me when some years later I did a world trip with my sister and the last place we planned to visit was India. I was recommended by a friend we’d met to visit an ashram in Kerala and thought I would. My sister flew home by that point, so i went alone.

Something about it felt like coming home, the sound of 100 people chanting mantras as the sun rose was incredible. I decided id like to know more, and do more yoga and so signed up for the next teacher training. I found what I was looking for and loved it.

You’re a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist. Can you explain what you do in your different roles?

I love both: group classes and yoga therapy. In a yoga class there’s group energy which is wonderful and then in yoga therapy you really have the chance to meet a person exactly where they are at and co-create with them based on why they have showed up, you can really adapt to the individual, and I love that. The yoga tool box is so vast that there’s so much room to find ways for people to practice.

What are important aspects for you when you teach yoga for mothers or mothers to be?

I really want to create space and time to connect with themselves and their babies, and to develop that mum and baby bond even before the baby is born. It’s really important for me that there is also time to connect to your intuition and build on it, i feel that really helps when it comes to going through pregnancy and also in brith and beyond. I like to offer choices so the mamas get to know their own needs and make choices based on what they feel. I want to offer a space where they can feel empowered to make choices for them and their babies.

What does your own practice often look like? 

Haha, it varies a lot! It’s so different to what it was before I was pregnant and that’s ok. I started to change my practice a lot as I went through my pregnancies and make space both physically, mentally and emotionally for my babies and changing body. I feel that helped me a lot. Some days I have a long practice that includes asana and pranayama and relaxation, other days it might be 5 minutes of breathing in the dark after I have put the girls to bed. Other days it might be a Yoga Nidra. It depends what I feel I need and what’s been going on.

What do you do when you’re not teaching or practicing?

I really enjoy cooking and making food, I really like growing our own veggies in the summer and getting to pick them and cook with them. The girls have loved getting dirty and helping plant seeds and watch them grown. I enjoy playing outside with the girls and exploring new places with them. I love books and a getting chance to read them! I have always enjoyed traveling and look forward to doing more of that with my family.

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