Sanga Yoga | FAQ - prenatal & postnal yoga classes
Frequently Asked Questions about the Sanga Yoga prenatal & postnatal classes in Oslo ✅ Personal approach ✅ Classes in English ✅
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Classes – General


Can I retake a missed class?

Instead of retaking a missed class, you can gift your class to a friend. Please check out our cancellation policy for all details.


Do I need to bring anything for class?

Because of COVID restrictions, you’ll have to bring your own mat. Contact us if you’d like to purchase one from us. Please wear comfy clothes and bring a water bottle.

For the mother baby yoga classes, we recommend  bringing a blanket for the baby to lay on.


When do I need to arrive before class?

Please come on time, 5 or 10 minutes before class, so you have time to roll out the mat and get ready to practice. There’s always space to ask us or your fellow students questions. The classes start at the exact time. We’re much more flexible in our mother baby yoga classes (postnatal yoga), because we know how hard it can be to get out of the door with a baby :).



Classes – Prenatal yoga (pregnancy yoga)


When can I start practicing prenatal yoga?

We recommend waiting until the second trimester if you haven’t practiced yoga before. I you are already practicing yoga, you can come to our classes when you’re still in your first trimester. Be sure to listen to your body. ♡



Postnatal yoga (mother baby yoga)


My baby had a diaper explosion / is still napping / I will be late. What to do?

Please still come to class 🙂 Don’t worry about coming late. We totally understand babies don’t follow our class agenda, so we give you all the freedom to come late.


What do I do when my baby needs a feed or a diaper change during class?

Please go ahead and do it! 🙂 Every class, there will be multiple women feeding their babies, changing diapers, or taking breaks to care for their babies. That is completely natural and we encourage that 1000%.


My baby was born through c-section. Can I still come and practice yoga with you?

Yes, our classes are safe for women who gave birth through a c-section. Please let us know before the class starts, so your teacher can give you special tips.