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Theresa Harmanen | Co-founder and Yoga facilitator

Theresa Harmanen | Co-founder and Yoga facilitator

She has practiced yoga for almost 20 years but her interest in energetics, movement and the spiritual realm has been with her since a young age, influenced by her father who was active in bodywork and massage. She has a strong creative side and a deep love and respect for Mother Nature and often draws inspiration from that in her yoga. Besides studio classes and corporate classes, Theresa is also available for private sessions.


Theresa is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200 hours) in Samayoga – a holistic yoga form inspired by traditional hatha yoga with influences of Qigong, the chinese five elements, flow style postures, pranayama (breathing practice), mantra, ayurveda, Vedanta, and meditation. Theresa is also trained in Embodied style Yin/Yang Yoga (100 hrs continuing education CE) as well as Pre- and Postnatal yoga (50 hrs continuing education CE).


She considers her yoga mat her sacred island and every time she steps on the mat she arrives back home. Her teaching is soft and layered but powerful. Topics she often returns to are moon cycles and life transitions, the innate female strength and intuition, gratitude practices, and how to easily take yoga off the mat and into your life.


When not on the yoga mat, Theresa loves spending time in nature with her husband and 2.5 yr old daughter. She also loves traveling, resetting by and in the water, learning (the forever student!) and reading about yoga, health and creativity, as well as diving deep into her design projects.

Claudia Menger | Co-founder and Yoga facilitator

Claudia Menger | Co-founder and Yoga facilitator

Claudia found yoga in her early twenties, in Amsterdam, and although that first time on the mat felt so different from everything she had done before, she fell in love and kept coming back to that small studio facing the canals. A one-year world trip gave her the opportunity to practice with teachers around the world, and when she moved to Oslo she knew it was time to start sharing her love for yoga and the lessons she had learned along the way, by teaching classes.


Claudia is educated in traditional Hatha Sivananda Yoga (200 hr), as well as Yin (50 hr), Vinyasa Flow (50 hr), Mother/Baby yoga (70 hr), Prenatal yoga (50 hr) and Restorative yoga + yoga Nidra (25 hr). Her teaching journey started with studio classes in hatha, yin and vinyasa yoga, as well as corporate yoga classes. Then came a long fertility journey, a difficult pregnancy and a traumatic birth experience, which all helped her find her path to helping women navigate the big and small transitions in life, all through yoga.


Yoga gives her energy and stillness, and her mat is where she always comes home. Her personal practice follows the moon and her cycles, making every session on her mat different from the previous one.


Claudia loves exploring Norway with her husband + 2-year old son, eating raw cake, traveling, and reading, reading, reading. Claudia is also a holistic health coach and Reiki practitioner.

Christina Danielsen

Christina Danielsen

Christina teaches yoga for menopause and peri menopause at Sanga Yoga.


With over 12 years of teaching experience, Christina’s intention is to inspire and empower people to connect with their inner strength, integrity and wisdom through yoga. She’s a yoga teacher, conscious breathwork facilitator and awareness coach, and she loves guiding women through the different phases of their lives.


Her classes have flow and are always different, her laugh is contagious and she puts great emphasis on playfulness, curiosity, and kindness.


Read more about Christina in this article about yoga for menopause.

Kristin Holdø

Kristin Holdø

Kristin teaches Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga at Sanga Yoga.


Kristin found yoga while living in Southeast Asia for an extended period, and feels grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from teachers of diverse backgrounds in different countries.


Yoga is her happy-place and safe-space. A place to reconnect and find space. It’s also been an incredibly valuable tool to support her through the different stages and big changes in life – especially during her pregnancies, births and after becoming a mother (of two).


Kristin is a certified teacher in Power Vinyasa Yoga (200 hours) and has later trained in Kids Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga (30 hours), and is currently doing a continuous education in Yoga for Seniors (50 hrs).


Kristin’s classes are playful and empowering. She believes that as long as you can breathe, you can do yoga.


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