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Pregnancy yoga classes with Theresa are my favorite moments of the week. I attend both private classes and group yoga classes with her. Our sessions are online, and this works as good as if we were in an actual studio. It is also very accessible to do yoga in the comfort of my own home. Theresa is intuitive, competent and warm, and listens to what I need both at the present moment and in a longer perspective. After each session I always feel both more relaxed and filled with more energy, which is gold for me as pregnant and a mother of a very active toddler. I see this as valuable me-baby time, where I both get to know my pregnant self and the life that’s growing in my belly, and get to prepare myself for birth. I highly recommend Theresa both for private classes and group yoga!
- Veronica
Theresa is a fantastic teacher and has such a lovely, calming presence, and I loved how she encouraged us yet to grow and try new things yet was in tune with everyone's individual needs and reminded us to listen to our bodies. For five weeks, the yoga class was really the highlight of my week, when I could remove myself from work and the anxieties of all of this life change, and just focus on my body and myself.
- Ariana
The best classes of prenatal yoga! I remember when I was pregnant and how much I used to love the classes with Theresa! They were best thing of my whole week! I went to class until my little one was born (one week before she was born I was in class with Theresa). When I was in labor I remember what Theresa told us about breathing and being present during the most amazing thing ever... and I had a beautiful baby girl and I was present the whole time!!
- Rebeca


From the first class, I felt surprisingly good. The tension in my back and the tight muscles went away, and I felt more relaxed. I enjoyed spending time with my baby and doing something for myself at the same time.
- Justyna
I took Claudia’s baby yoga class with my then 4/5-month-old baby girl. The class was always a highlight of our week. My baby was always so relaxed as much as I became by the end of the class.
- Tita
The mamma/baby yoga class with Claudia was one of the most fun activities I did with my baby during mamma perm. Claudia is a fantastic yoga instructor and she is super caring and playful with the little ones.
- Laura
Both me and my baby loved the class! We felt so welcome and it was no problem to feed or change the baby in class. Babies laughing, sleeping, crying, feeding-everything was expected in this space. I felt calm and energised after every class. And last but not least, it is so nice to do something like this, something for me, whilst connecting with my baby.
- Rebecca
I have been attending mother baby yoga with Claudia for some months now and I am always looking forward to the upcoming class. The classes have a lot of flow and smoothness even though we have/are babies and mamas with different needs there all the time. We work with a variety of poses to strengthen our mama bodies and the atmosphere is beautiful and empowering. I also like socializing with the other mamas that come there. Claudia is a wonderful teacher and a wholehearted human being and I am very happy to have found this women community. Looking forward to try other classes.
- Alexandra
I love these classes. The teacher Claudia has so much knowledge and really knows how to make the class so nice. She even gives alternative postures if you cannot do them all. Alexzander and I get so much out of the classes, inner calmness, some more strength and a lot of fun as well. You’re also meet like minded other mothers which is really great. We just signed up for the next class- so excited.
- Cathrine
Claudia is the most gentle yoga teacher I’ve ever had. She creates such a positive, accepting space for all bodies in her yoga classes, with lots of suggestions for different options based on “what feels good to you right now” and “if that’s what you need”. Claudia builds a sense of trust in her yoga classes and there’s no competition or one “right” way to do yoga with her. Yoga with Claudia is open for all moms and babies regardless of prior experience or skill, and she includes fun songs and movements during class to help keep the babies involved and engaged too.
- Leah
Sanga yoga mother baby class has been a soft and smooth transition into stretching and self care. Calm and easy poses but you can feel the difference in your body after each class. It’s a nice activity you can do together with your baby 🙂
- Ingrid
I am so happy I joined the postpartum yoga classes at Sanga Yoga, they have been really beneficial for me. Claudia creates a super relaxing atmosphere and tailors her classes to fit the needs of tired new mums (and dads). I did classes in a studio and online and both worked really well.
- Anne Maren


Thanks you for your wonderful guidance - exactly what I needed.
- Christina
Thank you so much for this wonderful session – your voice was so wonderful and I’m looking forward to next Friday!
- Kerstin
Thank you so much. It was such a wonderful experience.
Such a beautiful Nidra, thank you so much!
My husband joined in. It was his first nidra and he said it was absolutely amazing, and that he can't wait to sign up for next week!
- Abigail
Wow, last night yoga nidra! It was superb! Thank you. It was just divine!
I fell asleep in the end. It was like being on a cloud! Thank you so much Claudia and Sanga Yoga.
Thank you for nidra last night! Such a lovely gift to myself on a Wednesday night.