Sanga Yoga | Yoga Nidra for Acceptance
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Welcome home. We’re so happy you are here.


Yoga Nidra is that practice that gives you what you need; no matter what you bring to the practice. Every emotion, every feeling, is welcome here. This specific Nidra focuses on acceptance: on staying with the uncomfortable to find our way through. This is the opposite of running away from uncomfortable feelings or emotions: it helps you be with the now while providing you with a journey that will, in the end, help you flow to the other side. No matter if it’s anger, tiredness, frustration or sadness you bring: there’s room for all of that in this practice.


We’ve created two different files for you: one with background music, and one without. You can practice this Nidra as often as you like, whenever you need it.

What you will need for this practice


Comfort is all you need: a safe, calm place where you can lie down. This can be a yoga mat, your bed or the carpet. We recommend having a pillow or blanket underneath your head, and a blanket on top of you. If you’d like an extra cover for your eyes, you can place a scarf or sleeve of a t-shirt on your eyes, or use an eye pillow.


Put your phone in airplane mode and tell other people in the house that you’ll need 30 minutes of undisturbed rest for yourself.

Get ready for your practice


Are you comfortable and warm? Then you’re ready for you practice. We wish you a beautiful journey with this Nidra.


With love and gratitude,
Claudia & Theresa
Sanga Yoga


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Yoga Nidra for Acceptance – With Music


Select this option if you prefer to practice with background music.

Yoga Nidra for Acceptance – No Music


Select this option if you prefer to practice without background music.