Sanga Yoga | Private yoga in Oslo
Private yoga in Oslo, Skøyen. Private yoga sessions in Oslo / at your home.
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Individual yoga sessions for women and couples. An investment in you.


SPRING DEAL valid until 31st of May:
30 % off all individual classes with booking code 30SPRING


A personal approach to caring for yourself: one-to-one sessions focused on a positive physical and mental health, all uniquely tailored to your needs. In these sessions, we combine yoga movement, meditation & visualization, and the breath, with mentoring and coaching. Every session looks different, based on your goals and wishes. We  are passionate about helping you feel empowered, balanced, and connected in body, mind, and spirit. All levels are welcome. 


Tailored for you and your journey

We strongly believe that every person and each couple is unique, and that everyone comes with a different body and mind. Although we always do our very best to accommodate every single person in our group yoga classes, we do know that you sometimes need more guidance, or wish to go deeper into one theme.


Here is how it works


  1. Book your session here. Please contact us here if you cannot find a suitable time.
  2. You’ll receive receive an email booking confirmation together with a few questions on your needs and goals for the individual session.
  3. The day before the session, you’ll receive an email with the meeting info (Zoom meeting login or similar), and instructions on props.
  4. In your first class we dedicate 15-20 min at the beginning to talk about the answers in your survey. Followed by a tailored yoga / movement / breathing / meditation session.
  5. You may then choose to continue one session at a time, or buy a 3 class bundle (see rates below). Depending on your needs and your schedule, we meet up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or when it suits you.


For prices and more info on types of classes, please scroll down.


For more info, please contact us 


Price is per session and in Norwegian krone (NOK). All rates are listed below. Please contact us for any additional requests not listed here. (All rates are subject to changes.)

60 min Individual yoga for Women 899 NOK

A 60-min individual session over video (or outdoor summer meet-up in Oslo / Baerum, contact us for options).

30 min Individual Yoga for Women 499 NOK

A 30-min individual session for when you want a short and sweet session. Held over video call.

Couples session (pre/postnatal) 1149 NOK

For couples who are pregnant or with a newborn and wish to have a session tailored for them. (Contact for booking)

3 x 60 min Bundle Individual Yoga for Women 2499 NOK

Individual bundle of 3 x 60-min yoga sessions. For our clients who feel ready to commit to a few sessions to build a solid foundation for your home practice. (You save 198 NOK).

3 x 30 min Bundle Individual Yoga for Women 1349 NOK

Individual bundle of 3 x 30-min yoga sessions held online over video. Short and sweet, when you have less time but still want to dedicate time for mindful movement. (You save 148 NOK).