Sanga Yoga | Private yoga in Oslo
Private yoga in Oslo, Skøyen. Private yoga sessions in Oslo / at your home.
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Private Yoga Classes in Oslo and Bærum


Theresa and Claudia teach private yoga classes in Oslo and surroundings. The private classes always start with a first assessment talk over video, followed by a yoga session in the studio. Following sessions can either be 55 min in the studio, or 25 min over video. The session can also be held at your home in Oslo or Lysaker / Fornebu at an additional cost.


First private session incl. assessment (includes 25 min video call + 55 min studio session): 1150,-


55 min private (studio session) 950,-


25 min private (video session) 650,-


January special offer!
During the month of January we have a special offer on the first private sessions (video call + studio session), as well as the 55 min private sessions. When you book a session this month (has to be booked and scheduled in Jan), you pay only 500,-!


For questions and more info, contact us here.

private yoga oslo

Our private yoga classes

Fertility + Menstrual Cycle Health Yoga

Fertility + Menstrual Cycle Health Yoga

Yoga for women going through infertility and women looking to improve menstrual cycle health. These classes focus on balancing hormones, finding peace and letting go of stress and tension, and connecting with our cycles.


The classes are for you if you’re looking to create a healthier menstrual cycle, if you’re on a fertility journey (either with support from the medical system or without), or if you struggle with menstrual pains, cramps and irregular periods.

Your teacher Claudia brings her experience as a fertility yoga teacher and combines this with her coaching education, reiki experience and her personal fertility journey.

Pregnancy Yoga and Preparing for Labour & Birth

Pregnancy Yoga and Preparing for Labour & Birth

Our private pregnancy yoga and labour prep classes are for women who would like to focus on a specific part of pregnancy yoga, for example if they have certain pains or if they would like to reduce fear and anxiety.


These private yoga classes can also be focused around preparing for labour and birth through yoga, and we also offer special birth prep classes for you together with your partner.


Theresa is your guide in these classes. She brings her experience as a prenatal yoga teacher and combines this with her hypnobirthing experience, as well as pregnancy massage.

Private Postnatal Yoga

Private Postnatal Yoga

Our private postnatal yoga classes are focused on the time from just after giving birth. The early days and weeks classes take place in the comfort of your home, and will be focused on breathing, processing and resting. Later on, the postpartum classes can be about specific topics, such as the pelvic floor, core muscles (or diastasis recti), shoulders, neck and back, as well as mental challenges and tiredness.


Your teacher Claudia infuses these classes with elements of feminine yoga and fertility yoga, to balance hormones and help you regulate your menstrual cycle again after giving birth.