Sanga Yoga | Personal Yoga Nidra
Reduce stress and support mental health with a personal yoga nidra ✅ Choose your focus ✅ Achieve your goals with a personalized recording ✅
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Are you ready to invite in change, healing and growth, combined with a deep sense of calm and rest? Meet the personal Yoga Nidra session: A deeply soothing, nourishing, healing practice that is focused 100% on you and your desires.


Yoga Nidra is often referred to as Yogic Sleep, but it’s so much more than sleep. Yes, it’s a form a deep rest, but it’s also a therapeutic practice. A practice that will help you feel connected to yourself and your own needs, that supports you on a journey of healing, and that support you during transition and change. Science has shown that Yoga Nidra can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improves concentration and creativity, supports healing from trauma, and stabilizes hormone levels.

All you need to do is find a comfortable space to rest and listen (your bed, for example), and let the words to their magic.


Claudia’s Yoga Nidra sessions are incredibly nourishing. The sessions support people through different life stages and were a highlight of the week for many people during the lockdowns caused by the pandemic. In the personal Nidra sessions she takes Yoga Nidra to a next level by making these guided sessions completely and only for you.



  • After purchasing your personal Yoga Nidra session, you’ll receive an intake form that will give insight in your needs, wants and hopes for this Nidra. This will help you get to your intention for that month.
  • Claudia will then start creating and recording the Nidra for you. The Nidra will be recorded with high quality audio equipment and edited with professional software. The session will be around 25-30 minutes, depending on your specific focus.
  • Within 5 business days of filling out the intake form, you’ll receive two files: one with background music and one without.
  • You’ll practice this Nidra daily (if possible) for a full month, or even longer. Every time you practice this session, you’ll get deeper into your intention.
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“My dear! Wow, last night’s Yoga Nidra! It was superb! Thank you. It was just divine!” – Rebeca


“It was like putting out the flames of stress from the past week. Every woman should take the time for this practice of self-care.”  – Leah


“Thank you for this beautiful Nidra that you have shared with me. This was exactly what I needed right now and I am so happy to have treated myself to this.” – Anonymous


I’ve never tried Yoga Nidra. Do I need any experience?

You don’t need any experience at all. All you need is a commitment to listening to the Nidra that will be created for you. It’s a practice anyone can do, no matter age, gender, experience, phase of life, etc.


What if I fall asleep?

Do not worry at all!:) Sleep is beautiful and it really doesn’t matter if you fall asleep and this happens to many people. The words will still do the work even if you drift off. Also, because you will practice this Nidra several times, you will have many opportunities to practice the whole session awake.


Is this just another woo-woo practice?

Not at all! We love Yoga Nidra not only because it feels so incredibly nourishing, but also because it’s backed by science. It’s been shown to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improves concentration and creativity, supports healing from trauma, and stabilizes hormone levels. WOW.