Sanga Yoga | reiki oslo
Reiki treatments in Oslo.
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Reiki treatment


What is Reiki?

With its origins in Japan, Reiki is a beautiful technique for healing, relaxation and stress reduction. By using different hand position on your body, we focus on letting your energy flow freely, breaking through trauma and easing the busy mind.


Who is it for?

Reiki is for everyone. ♡

The sessions can be a beautiful way to help you with stress, fear or anxiety. Reiki is also beautiful for women who had babies and are finding their way back into their body, as well as women who are pregnant, going through menopause, or are trying to conceive.


What’s a Reiki session like?

Your first session starts with a short introduction to what we do together and we go through your questions and needs. After that, the treatment starts and you get to fully relax and be present. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you fall asleep :). We end the session together and you always get recommendations for what to do at home.


Please wear comfortable clothing to your reiki session (you are fully clothed during the treatment).


First session: 700 kr
Follow-up sessions: 500 kr

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