Sanga Yoga | PRICES
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Sanga Yoga rates from May 18th, 2020


We follow a course model for our group yoga classes. These can be purchased as a full course.


Tailored 1:1 classes for your needs, goals, and wishes. Theresa and Claudia teach individual yoga sessions and duo sessions Online (through Zoom) and in Oslo and Lysaker. For more info on our private sessions, please read more here.

Group class rates

Single session
270 NOK
When you pay for one session
Single session
240 NOK
When you pay per course

Individual yoga class rates

Individual yoga class, 60 min
1100 NOK
A 60-minute session available to all women
Individual yoga class, 30 min
600 NOK
A 30-minute session available for all women
Couples session (pre/postnatal)
1300 NOK
For pregnant couple / couples with a newborn
3 x 60 min individual yoga session BUNDLE / klippekort
3000 NOK
A bundled offer for the returning client (you save 198 NOK).
3 x 30 min individual yoga session BUNDLE / klippekort
1600 NOK
A bundled offer for the returning client (you save 148 NOK)
(Optional addition) We come to your home
+ 300 NOK
The teacher will come to your home. (Only available for 1 hour sessions)