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Yoga at work in Oslo. Corporate yoga in Oslo at your office.
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yoga at work

Sanga Yoga at Work


Do you spend most of your work day behind a desk? Or are you often sitting on a chair in a meeting room? Or do you feel stressed at work? Come practice with us!


Yoga at the workspace is great for your back (hello lower back pain from sitting all day!) and neck (oi, text neck!), it helps your energy flow again so you stay energized throughout the day, and helps lower stress levels. It’s also simply a super fun activity to do together with your team.


With Sanga Yoga at Work, you and your co-workers can practice with us, in the comfort of your own office space, cantina or meeting room.


Our classes are available as group classes, or you can have a private or duo practice with us, at work.


Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities for you and your team.



Pregnancy Yoga at Work


Are you pregnant and working? Or are you a manager with pregnant team members? We offer our special prenatal yoga classes, at your office. These classes are tailored to pregnant women and are available as group classes and privates.


Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities for you and your team.